3ofme Digital Marketing

Joined Up Services

Digital Marketing Consultation
In order to provide our clients with the best possible marketing campaigns, we work very closely with the sales and marketing teams, to learn about their business. To develop an understanding of their target market and most importantly to ensure that we give good advice.

Website Design and Development
The key focus of our business is to help our clients work better online. We provide website design and development, we can engineer solutions to any online marketing challenge. We have designed and built websites for some of the most demanding organisations in business today.

Email Marketing
Creating successful email campaigns is a science, we employ tried and tested techniques to ensure our emails are opened, read and acted upon. We split test campaigns to get the best possible return on investment and we provide comprehensive reports of our success. There are many software tools on the market, we have the knowledge and experience to make that software work.

Website Optimisation and Promotion
At the core of any website promotion campaign is good solid research. We analyse our client's online presence, and the market that they operate in. By employing good reseacrh techniques, we can achieve good website optimisation results. We can identify keywords that will provide the best return on investment and the largest 'targeted' traffic share.

Video Production and Streaming
Video marketing online has grown dramatically in the last few years. 3ofme have been well positioned to stay at the leading edge of technology and innovation, providing video production and video streaming services to brand name companies at a global level. Bringing this level of expertise to small and medium sized businesses can provide the most effective marketing impact on the internet and in direct digital presentations.

Joined Up Services
All of the production services provided directly by 3ofme are designed to compliment the marketing consultancy we offer. Keeping some production services in-house, allows us to give our clients an unrivalled level of cost effective production. Marketing design and communication is closely linked with many other disciplines that 3ofme can offer as managed services with our close network of linked companies including; photography, animation & motion graphics, printing services, direct mail fulfillment and many others.

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