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Time Lapse Video and Photography

Time Lapse video and photo recording has been considered an expensive exercise, requiring the set up and maintenance of high value equipment for long periods of time, sometimes in remote locations and inhospitable environments. The cheaper alternative has been to utilise web-cam or security CCTV technology, providing more robust and lower cost equipment, but lacking in the level of picture quality that can be provided with film or video.

Recent innovations in lens technology, 3G mobile broadband and data- compression have led to a new and greatly improved method of capturing high quality images in remote locations, without the need for frequent maintenance visits or attending the location to retrieve tapes of footage. By using the latest in IP Camera technology and wireless 3G internet connections, it is now possible to record a long running project in considerably higher quality and for less cost than ever before.

An example installation:
A construction company require a high quality video recording of a building development, the development is scheduled to take 18 months to complete. An IP Camera, capable of capturing images up to 5 Mega Pixels in size (more than enough for true HD video) is positioned to cover the development site.

The camera is connected to a wireless 3G modem and programmed to capture a picture of the development every minute. The picture of the development is immediately sent to a secure recording server, where it can be processed and sent directly to a web page if required (thus creating a live web-cam). As a sequence of pictures is collected on the server, they provide a Time Lapse recording of the building process.

The resulting video file can then be used for many different purposes, it can be recompressed and sent to the website as a streaming video, visitors to the website can watch a high speed video of the building construction from the ground up. The video footage can be edited into a high quality DVD for use at exhibitions or as part of the company's portfolio of work.

The solution is ideally suited to this type of application, where high quality can be delivered for a very low cost. In any situation an entire process can be shown, from a day to a month to years and years.

The movement of clouds in the sky is sometimes impossible to descern with the naked eye, but wonderful to behold over time. Timelapse recording of just such an event can produce visually stunning results. The processes that a company employs can often be easily explained with the use of timelapse photography, when a still image or diagramme may require a great amount of additional explanation.

To see some great examples of time lapse video and photography visit TimeLapsePhoto.co.uk.